Restructuring an ordinary school to a digitized one can be a challenging task. Our team of PHP developers is working towards this goal with the design and development of School ERP – The most advanced school management software. We, as a part of this society, are proudly participating in the academic enlistment program by providing our unique software to create a positive school culture all over the world. This easy-to-use and highly saleable product will be worth your investment, if you are ready to think outside the box!


It is being lately evolved as one of the most important considerations of a software. We have developed this system exclusively to all the educational institutions out there to have a smoother functioning. Accessibility is a major factor that determines the productivity of a system. We can proudly say that we are working towards providing you the greatest invention that is easily accessible and effectively working on all platforms with no time constraints.


Having a fully functional home page provides more convenience to the users of Web School ERP. The users can easily navigate through the different software modules and can get their work done with the least effort. The dashboard, which offers the consolidated data of the system, has a very critical role in improving the user experience. And, we assure you the finest user experience in dealing with our product.


One of the recent trends seen now-a-days is customization. People are more likely to engage in the customization process in order to try something other than the off-the-shelf products. The main advantage is that they can have the system that is designed to perform their individual preferences. Our team of experts is always available to our valuable clients for the important modifications and the changes needed to be executed.


Enquiry Form, Enquiry Listing, Enquiry Filter, Admission, Admission Stutdent List, Promote Students, Students' Roll No Allotment, Manage, Student Excel Sheet Upload, Attendance, Attendance Reports, Monthly Attandance

Fee Type, Fees Structure, Fees Collection, Once/Yearly Fees Collection, Daily Fee Report(1), Daily Fee Report(2), Monthly Fee Report(1), Cheque Clarence

Book Category, Library Structure, Book Detail

Registration, Employee List, Attendance, Attendance Report

Add Route, Add Bus, Add Driver, Students List, Bus Fee Collection

Importance of healthcare organizations
dictates norms of design.

Employee's Leave Management, Employee's Leave Report, Apply for Leave

Importance of healthcare organizations
dictates norms of design.

Add Exam, Create Exam, Marks Entry, Term's Result, Individual Term's Result

Add Building, Add Floor, Add Rooms, Add Beds, Students List, Hostel Fee Collection

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