What is School management?

Managing a school is no easy task. The sheer magnitude of processes involved can be overwhelming, especially if they are disconnected. Our School management brings all of those processes into a single application, where you can manage them as one long chain rather than a hundred disconnected ones. Keep students, teachers, and parents on the same page with customized dashboards and email/SMS notifications on web and mobile.

The need of technology in this sector gave us the impetus to come up with Curriculum, an innovative education management system to help institutions augment its efficiency and productivity and it also helps in reducing the paperwork associated with various day to day operations.


Laborious and time consuming task like admissions will be carried out efficiently and with reduced paper work and manpower.

Whole process simplified, no need to maintain registers now everything available on your fingertip.

Nothing eases accounting like an automated platform. Now get the accounting sorted with online and offline fee payments and detailed reports.

Avail the benefit of monitoring of multiple events related to sports, academy, culture etc. effectively and smoothly.

Parents can monitor multiple wards even from different schools through single app, so parents don't feel dissociated with their child's progress.

Now manage payroll of the employees hassle free with app based attendance, without going through the trouble of computing.

Prepare results with ease and proficiency, saving labour, time and eventually money.

Assign homeworks and class works with ease. Students can also catch up with pending work without any extra labour of copying.

Track the transport movement carrying your ward, with real time alerting and notifications.

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